7 Ways To Distract Your Child When Bedtime Turns To Defcon 6

The power of distraction on small children is surprisingly effective. 

You've just come home. You had a long day at work. And all you want to do is kick back, put your goofy slippers on and enjoy a glass of wine and a takeaway with some trashy telly.  And all you need to do before you can do this is put the children to bed.... 

But it just so happens to be the Witching Hour again tonight.  One of them is trying to break the bleach bottle open with their teeth and the other one has just ran into the sharpest corner of the bed they could find. 

Just when your youngest one is about to go into a tantrum when you brush their teeth, you remember this article, and you come up with some real gold to save the day. Your partner will marvel at your instant response rate and your James Dyson-like inventiveness. Your claim to fame as super-parent has been established.

So here are 7 ways to distract your child when bedtime turns to Defcon 6:

1. Ask a completely unrelated question, but act surprised. 

For example: 'Hey, why was your bunny lying on the bed? Do you think he's not feeling well? After toothbrushing we should take a quick look at him to make sure he is ok.'

2. Ask them a question, but only give them two choices.

For example, have two toothbrushes ready: 'What color toothbrush would you like? Pink or Green?'
By giving the choices you force the little munchkin to adjust their minds to something else than having an uncontrollable brain-spasm. 

3. Sing a silly song.

Make it up as you go along. Anything that vaguely resembles the tunes of Justin Bieber or Despacito will work just fine.

4. Use toilet humor. Kids love it!

Joke about their teddy pooing on their head. It's going to be the funniest thing they've heard all day.

5. Do a magic trick.

Pull a coin out of their ear and pretend you are David Copperfield, without the cape.

6. Pretend to fall asleep.

Sometimes doing nothing and falling asleep prompts your child to just want to wake you up instead. This could be tricky if they also have that bleach bottle close by. Close your eyes at your own risk.

7. Tell a story.

Refer back to a suitable story they know. It works like a charm ;-)