Meet The Team

Lamia Sbiti

Lamia Sbiti


I’m Lamia, and I drew the scribbles for this book! I’ve always loved quirky stories with endearing, goofy characters and fun visuals. What spoke to me about this book is that its hero is born from the imagination of a real child. Bringing this lovable monstrosity to life has been a great adventure.

And basing the monster on a child’s drawing is a way to encourage everyone from a young age to unleash their creativity and see what comes of it. Who knows? You might find yourself illustrating a book one day!

When I’m not drawing purple monsters, I’m creating other characters and stories under my pen name TwoGoodShoes. You can check out my work at, or follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Happy Brushing!

Joppe Coelingh Bennink

Joppe Coelingh Bennink

Hi there!

I'm Joppe, and I came up with the idea for Routine adventures.

I love reading funny bedtime stories to my daughter Ruby. You can really tell when books make an impact on her imagination by the way she responds to the rhyme and the humor. 

Bedtime stories can also be very helpful to explain the introduction of new concepts and routines. But when it came to brushing Ruby's teeth, I felt there was no good storybook on the market that could help me introduce the routine.

So I wrote a monster story, and the rest is history!

A special thanks goes out to the teachers and all Year 3 and Year 4 (2016-2017) children of Fitzjohn's Primary School in London for their enthusiasm and creativity in the Monster Drawing Competition.