Routine Adventures

Introducing Children To New Routines Through Storytelling And Playful Distraction

Routine 1: Toothbrushing

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Routine Adventures' first book will be titled "What's That Smell?!" and introduces children to the importance of toothbrushing by way of a smelly monster story.

What Is Routine Adventures?

Some of the best children's storybooks are often those that help introduce new concepts to a child.  Just think about how many great children's books address complex concepts such as language, love or fear. Often by using rhyme, humor and imagination...

Yet there is not much available that helps introduce the most basic life routines! Routines such as washing your child's hair, brushing their teeth or even getting dressed on time for school. So many parents go through these frustrating periods without a story to help capture the child's imagination.

This often leads to temper tantrums in situations where there is not enough distraction. 

Routine Adventures believes in the power of storytelling and playful distraction to make children more comfortable with new routines.

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The Monster Drawing Competition

A book created by children for children

By December 2016 we had our first monster story, but we didn't know what the monster should look like yet. Thus, we decided to seek our inspiration from Year 3 and Year 4 children in Fitzjohn's Primary School in Hampstead, London. And boy, were they creative!

More than 50 children gathered to listen intently to the story. They were then asked to draw the monster in the story.  After significant deliberation, this resulted in picking one final winner: Alex, aged 7.

7 Year old Alex drew her winning monster

7 Year old Alex drew her winning monster


But there were 5 other monsters who were given a secret spot in the book as well.

Will you be able to spot them all?

View all other pictures that were drawn for the competition on our Instagram page here.

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